Preperation Work

Painting Preparation Work Wonthaggi, Inveloch, Leongatha & Phillip Island

  • Are you looking for painters that do the right amount of preparation work before painting?
  • Are you tired of your new paint job on your house only lasting a few years?
  • Do you want the exterior of your house paint job to endure the elements of 4 seasons in one day ?

If the answer is YES pentland painting services are the solution to your problem. We take pride in doing the right amount of prep work before paint is even applied to your commercial or residential project.

We take proper care to make sure that the paint is applied properly by doing the right amount of preparation work. We prepare the surface by using these couple of steps

External Preparation Work

1- Using the high-pressured Gerni hose sprayer too strip the paint from wood and other surfaces.

2- Sanding and scraping any remaining old flaking and loose paint by hand and with electrical power tools

3- Filling any uneven surfaces, cracks and holes with professional filling products

4- Lastly making sure any moisture that may be in the wood is removed before applying primer

Internal Preparation Work

1- We Start Project by using drop sheets to protect surfaces then remove hardware, curtains & furniture.

2- All surfaces are puttied, sanded, gapped, filled and failed paint removed before any painting commences.

3- Then all surfaces are primed, sealed and undercoated before top coats are applied.

4- We then apply high quality paint in selected paint finish or decorative effect to achieve a long lasting result.

5- In respect of your environment we then pack up and clean all areas that were painted, leaving your house neat and tidy.